Advanta’s answer to the threatening SCA

Developed at Advanta’s Biotechnology Center at Texas A&M University, Aphix is Advanta Seeds’ latest technology in sorghum hybrids. It gives the crop high and measurable tolerance to the attack of the yellow sorghum aphid. The USDA standards have defined the Aphix labelling trait as delivering a superior performance and the highest level of SCA tolerance. It works as an outstanding alternative to chemical insecticides as it assists better and more profitable farming, and preserves the environment as well.

Aphix sorghum hybrids - a super solution for SCA control

APHIX sorghum hybrids have a better rate of SCA management compared to non-aphix hybrids. In a season with favourable environmental conditions, where the yellow aphid attack pressure is high, a single preventive insecticide spraying is enough to keep the crops free of aphids, while in a non-APHIX crop an average of 3 to 4 sprayings might be necessary.

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Effective Aphid management solution for farmers

Advanta’s Aphix enables proper pest management that guarantees a sustainable and profitable sorghum production. The growers get bigger returns on their investment and the environment is taken care of simultaneously. It is a blessing to global farmers who now have a powerful tool for minimizing aphid related losses.

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We had planned this batch to go to alfalfa, it was going to be ideal to supplement the feeding of the establishment's dairy farm. With the weather conditions we wanted to try another alternative, and we went to sorghum, we planted the ADV 2800, at the end of November, and it produced a large volume, an extraordinary quality, that is why we decided to leave it for reserve or rolled, is what you see, an incredible sorghum of high quality and excellent volume. In addition, we did not have to make any type of application because it is a very healthy sorghum.
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Nicolás Lopéz, Argentina
We observed the ADV 8122 VT3PRO last season with excellent performance in the area, adaptation to high densities and with surprising results. We believe it has good plant structure and cane strength. Furthermore, it is a very healthy hybrid and the most notable thing is its drying speed, which is no less important in late and early sowing... this year we chose it for our plots and we know that we are going to achieve high yields!
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Pedro Robiolo, Argentina